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Dirk Maggs mis-spent periods of his professional youth crewing on feature films and making promotions for BBC television. However he originally trained as a BBC Radio Studio Manager and has subsequently won awards by evolving Radio Drama and Audio Theatre into the ?Audio Movie? - fully cast atmospheric drama productions with layers of cinematic effects and music, mixed into Dolby Surround (which he pioneered at the Beeb). As a result the US Museum of Television & Radio in New York have acquired several of Dirk's productions for their collection, and the Directors Guild Of Great Britain asked him to give a seminar on his work at the Actors Centre in London.

In 2004 Dirk is directing, adapting and co-producing two brand new series of THE HITCH HIKER'S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY by DOUGLAS ADAMS, who originally chose Dirk for the job in 1993. The programmes (via ABOVE THE TITLE PRODUCTIONS) feature the original cast from the first two radio series, including SIMON JONES, GEOFFREY McGIVERN, MARK WING-DAVEY, SUSAN SHERIDAN and STEPHEN MOORE as MARVIN THE PARANOID ANDROID. It is hoped that the first of these new series will be broadcast on BBC Radio 4 before the end of the year.

Also in 2004 Pathé Pictures will be releasing an animated feature film of the cult TV show, THE MAGIC ROUNDABOUT, for which Dirk directed early voice sessions with ROBBIE WILLIAMS, KYLIE MINOGUE, JIM BROADBENT and JOANNA LUMLEY. In the TV animation field Dirk has been directing and sound designing the worldwide hit series MR BEAN starring ROWAN ATKINSON for Tiger Aspect.

Currently Dirk is slated to voice direct a new Tiger Aspect animation series for Cartoon Network featuring Native American actors, BRAVE.

In January 2003 Dirk directed three Agatha Christie short stories for Above The Title / BBC Radio 4, with casts including ADRIAN DUNBAR, RICHARD GRIFFITHS and DERVLA KIRWAN. This Spring he will be directing a further four of Terry Deary?s bestselling HORRIBLE HISTORIES dramatisations for BBC Audiobooks. 2003 was Dirk?s directing debut on BBC World Service - an enthusiastically received remake of the 1962 Bill Naughton play which became the movie ALFIE, with NICK MORAN and KEVIN WHATELY. Also in 2003 Dirk directed Revolution Software's sequel to their best selling computer game series, BROKEN SWORD III.

In summer 2002 Dirk directed the critically acclaimed Above The Title / BBC Radio 4 sitcom, NIGHT CLASS, for JOHNNY VEGAS, which won the 2003 SONY BRONZE AWARD FOR BEST COMEDY.

The 2002 BEST COMEDY AWARD from the SPOKEN WORD PRODUCERS ASSOCIATION was awarded to one of Dirk?s most cherished projects - GOON AGAIN, which he produced and directed for Celador / BBC Radio 2. This authentic 50th Anniversary Cardboard Replica Goon Show was staged at The Playhouse Theatre in London with the active support of the late SPIKE MILLIGAN KBE.

Awarded a 2000 Sony Bronze Award for Best Drama, Dirk?s adaptation of Voyage, Doctor Stephen Baxter?s best selling novel about a NASA Mars mission, also won the 1999 Talkie Award for Best Use of Music.

In late 1998 Dirk was let loose to create Radio 4?s first Christmas "Blockbuster", The Gemini Apes, which starred Christopher Lee, and the year before adapted and directed an updated version of John Landis?s film An American Werewolf in London, for BBC Radio 1. Dirk?s script for "Werewolf" was nominated for the 1997 Writers Guild Award for Best Dramatisation, and the production won the 1997 Talkie Award for Best TV/Film Adaptation. This was the third year in succession that Dirk won a Talkie Award, which recognise the best audio material released into the very competitive UK commercial market.

In 1996 20th Century Fox asked Dirk to write & direct Independence Day UK, a parallel sequel to the hit movie. Dirk worked closely with its producer & Co-writer Dean Devlin to realise the production, which became Number One Selling Spoken Word Cassette in the Bookseller Chart, and won the 1996 Talkie Award for Best Production. It was the first BBC production made by the production company Dirk Co-founded called Audio Movies Ltd. Dirk was a Senior Producer in BBC Radio Light Entertainment and has continued working freelance in Radio comedy, most recently with the hit series Punt & Dennis? it's Been a Bad Week for Celador Productions for BBC Radio 2 and the Radio 4 cult comedy series Man of Soup starring Josie Lawrence, Andrew Sachs and Morwenna Banks.

In 1997 he devised & produced The Jasper Carrott Trial, which immediately transferred to BBC TV, and he is responsible for The Russ Abbot Show, which achieved record ratings for Radio 2 comedy. Dirk?s 1995 productions of Radio 1?s 80-episode ( honest! ) Judge Dredd won the 1995 Talkie Award for Best Production. Dirk?s script for his 1995 series The Amazing Spider-Man was nominated for the 1995 Writers Guild Award for Best Dramatisation. The series, with theme music by Brian May, was a best-selling cassette / CD release.

In 1993 Dirk was asked by BBC Radio 1 to come up with the network?s very first daily drama; the result was Batman: Knightfall which reached No.1 in the "Spoken Word" Charts in the UK. In the United States, the Time Warner Audiobooks release of Dirk?s 1993 production Superman: Doomsday & Beyond was voted Spoken Word Audio Of The Year by the U.S. Publisher?s Weekly, and won 1994?s Audie Award for Best Dramatisation by the American Booksellers Association.

In 1992 Dirk?s Radio 4 recreations of classic Marx Brothers radio shows, Flywheel, Shyster & Flywheel won the Gold Medal at the New York International Festival, and the second series of his Adventures of Superman was a finalist in the "Best Use of Sound" category. Around this time Dirk was ?poached? from Light Entertainment to spend six months as Chief Producer on LOOSE ENDS with NED SHERRIN.

In his other life Dirk can be found playing drums in various blues bands. He is married with three sons.


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