Dirk Maggs Awards

This is the complete list so far of all the awards that Dirk Maggs has won so far that I have been able to find out about as of 25.03.2012

If I have missed any awards then do let me know via the contact page and I will correct any errors.

The awards in order of appearance




1992 Flywheel, Shyster & Flywheel won the Gold Medal at the New York International Festival.



1993 Superman: Doomsday & Beyond was voted Spoken Word Audio of The Year by the U.S. Publisher’s Weekly



Superman: Doomsday & Beyond won the 1994’s Audie Award for Best Dramatisation by the American Booksellers Association.



Judge Dredd won the 1995 Talkie Award for Best Production



Dirk's script for Independence Day UK, 1996 won the Talkie Award for Best Production.



Dirk’s script for "Werewolf" won the 1997 Talkie Award for Best TV/Film Adaptation.



Dirk’s adaptation of Voyage, also won the 1999 Talkie Award for Best Use of Music.



Awarded a 2000 Sony Bronze Award for Best Drama, for Dirk’s adaptation of Voyage



Goon Again - 50th Anniversary Goon Show The 2002 best comedy award from the spoken word producers association


Night Class Bronze award in the Comedy category of the 2003 Sony Radio awards

Dirk Maggs ­ Mark Time Grand Master Lifetime Achievement Award 2003

for Producing excellence in science fiction and comics for the BBC and independently.

You can find out more about past winners of the Mark Time Awards, and see the Mark Time SF Audio Hall of Fame at:



Dirk Maggs Mark Time award



The Hitchhikers Guide to The Galaxy Tertiary Phase won the Audie Of The Year.



Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy US Publishers Association Best Adapted Work


Three Agatha Christie Mysteries Audiofile Golden Earphones Award



Pictures of the awards will appear here if I ever get them. (David Williams)



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