Earthsearch II

Earthsearch II Audio tape coverEarthsearch II Audio tape coverEarthsearch II Audio tape coverEarthsearch II Audio tape cover


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Publication date 5th April 1999 in UK only

ISBN 0563 558660

BBC 4 Audio cassettes in slip case Duration 5 hours

Cover Artwork Andrew Skilleter


From Cassette cover

Four million years ago the crew of the starship Challenger abandoned their search for Earth and made their home on Paradise, the third planet of a solar system on the fringe of the galaxy.

But while Telson, Sharna, Darv and Astra have come to think of the planet as home, the Challenger's two giant computers, Angel One and Angel Two, have different ideas. Floods, black holes and androids...

Can the crew overcome the dangers that the out-of-control computers throw at them to make it home after all theses years? And what will they find when they get there?

Written and produced for BBC Radio 4, James Follett's cult science fiction drama forms a gripping sequel to the original Earthsearch.




Jenny M Benson ( from Norfolk, UK

As well as enjoying the story at its simplest level, it is fun to spot the "references" to the Biblical version of how life began on earth. It is a story with a twist and could well be enjoyed by those who don't normally read/listen to SciFi.

Dave's comment 

None at this time


Author James Follett comments

None given at this time

( If I am lucky, James Follett might provide some background information on how this got written or not, something to do about power cuts in the early 80's in the UK) David Williams



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