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1st Publication date June 1984 United Kingdom Methuen

Hardback Publication date 1992 Severn House Publishers ISBN 072784332X  288pp 222 x 138mm

Paperback Publication date 1990 Mandarin ISBN 0749302623   288pp 178x 111mm

 From book cover

The master crime: the hijacking of a space shuttle and the appalling ransom demanded by the hijackers makes for a thriller that led to a breakthrough by James Follett into the United States market.


High above the Earth's surface, one of NASA's latest space shuttles, "Dominator", has been hijacked and its cargo and crew held for ransom. This thriller spans three continents as it follows the possible outcome of a new deadlock between warring Middle East factions and the USA.


Hijacked- the world's most sophisticated weapon in space.

High above the Earth's surface orbits one of NASA's latest space shuttles, Dominator. But the crew and cargo onboard are beyond the control of the US space agency. Dominator has been hijacked and a nightmare is about to unleashed.

How could it happen - and how will it end? James Follett's heart-stopping novel spans three continents as it follows the fearfully possible outcome of a new deadlock between the warring Middle East factions and the United States. Standing innocently at the centre is Neil O'Hara, ex-astronaut, ex-drunk, whose rare skills and debatable loyalties may ultimately be the only barrier between us and the holocaust.....


Dave's comment

This is a book that I  must have liked a lot, as it is in my top five Follett's in at number two. This is a novel that I just liked for the inclusion of local scenes and landing a shuttle in a most unexpected place. I think that the events in real life could happen like this with a shuttle, could one person take over a shuttle? My idea would be for something much more underhanded. The pace of the story is nonstop and I really wanted the " bad guys " to win.


Author James Follett comments

None given at this time ( Now this is a large hint, I want some more background information into how this book came about, now 7 years ago! and still I am waiting) David Williams


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