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The Rabid Summer

1st Broadcast August 1976 BBC Radio 4


James Follett


Kay Patrick


Directed by

Kay Patrick


It is a hot August Bank Holiday and in a small seaside town panic and disaster strike when it is discovered that rabies has broken out. How did it enter the country ?

The outbreak must be controlled, people must be protected, the culprit must be found....


David Coleman Patrick Barr
Muriel Coleman Pauline Letts
Mrs. Collins Betty Baskcomb
Receptionist Betty Baskcomb
Margent John Ringham
Swann Clifford Norgate
Dr Menon Valerie Murray
Harding Michael Tudor Barnes
Blanchard Leslie Heritage
Townsman Leslie Heritage
Willis Keith Smith
Major Lathan Garard Green
Tess Coleman Jo Manning Wilson
Mathis Malcolm Reid
Nurse Anne Rosenfeld
Townswoman Anne Rosenfeld
Mrs. Fairchild Diana Payan
Nurse Diana Payan
Kemp Peter Woodthorpe
Holidaymaker Peter Woodthorpe


James Follett Comments

None so far.

Running Time

88 Minutes


Percy Edwards provided the animal effects

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