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The Long Lonely Voyage of U-395

1st Broadcast 29th March 1980 BBC Radio 4


James Follett


Glyn Dearman


The Southern Atlantic, 10th November 1941: U-boat 395 has been patiently waiting for a month to torpedo a British cargo ship, the Southern pearl, due out of Rio de Janeiro.
Things do not go according to plan and eventually the U-395 undertakes an epic journey of 2,500 miles, towing six lifeboats to the safety of Brest.

" It was and will remain for many years, the longest rescue operation in maritime history" (KARL DONITZ)


Oberleutnant Max Strauss Rod Beacham
Leutnant Werner Malin Michael Maloney
Chief Engineer Trevor Cooper
Kapitan Hermann Bloch John Bott
Captain Walt Dyas Bob Sherman
Miss Stone Margot Boyd
Jenny Tammy Ustinov

James Follett Comments

None so far.

Running Time

88 Minutes


This is the basis of the book Those in peril

Admiral Karl Donitz Assertion still stands.


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