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Nothing yet and it's not likely ever to happen... get published, but fear not I have asked for a sample but got told that they can't as it would mean letting the postcards out of their sight while they are copied! The book will be approximately 400 whole pages, not too much colour as it would become exciting, and we can't have that!

Book Contents

Chapter 1. Introduction By James Follett

How I got into this mess in the first place.

Chapter 2. Introduction By Andrew Sachs

How I got James Follett into this and why and what has happened since. How postcards have changed my life!

Chapter 3. A Short History of Postcards

When postcards first started to come into use, what the first postcards where and what they looked like, How postcards came to be. Who some of the first producers of postcards where and what some of there work looks like.

Chapter 4. Boring postcards

What a boring postcard is, what we used to define a boring postcard. How to spot that boring postcard.

Chapter 5. Collecting Cards

How to go about collecting postcards. Collecting postcards to a theme. What to look for in collecting a postcard. How to store your collection. What your postcards might be worth. Sources of information on postcards. How to buy postcards. Where to buy postcards

Chapter 6. Cards from 1800-1910

Postcards from the start of it all. The major players in postcards printing, producing.

Chapter 7. World War Cards 1914-1918

Chapter 8. The Interwar Years

Chapter 9. World War 2 Cards

Chapter 10. The Flat Fifties, Sixties

Were the fifties all dark greys and flat and were the sixties really swinging, did the postcards of that era really have anything to say on the subject. Did people take photo's of all the new concrete being poured into the new buildings of the day.

Chapter 11. Cards from 1970-1990

Chapter 12. 2000 Onwards

Where postcards are going. Has the collecting of boring cards caused the makers to produce false boring postcards. Is there an end to the postcard. Good postcards sites on the web. Postcard reference's.

Dave's comment 

He and Andrew Sachs are building up the world's finest collection of boring postcards. The book of boring postcards has now been in production for some twenty years and is only now some 400 pages long. This is mainly because some of the early postcards have now become interesting and have had to be dumped.

The title of the book is "The Yawn", publication may never happen as it might be too interesting, and mainly because the cover design might make the book far too exciting. The other problem is copyright, finding who if anyone still owns the copyright and getting clearances, the cost of fees for what is a book with a small audience.

The really sad thing is that I have read this book if that's something that you could do, each postcard does have story to tell on how Andrew or James got it and where and also what happened to them and also how things have changed since they got the card. Some of the postcards show landscapes that now don't exist other items that have now gone forever. Some of the postcards are now rare in their own right and are worth real sums of money. I have been told that there are collectors who only collect boring postcards so Andrew and James are in good company!



I was thinking with all this talk by James about his beloved postcards that what he should do is sit down in the odd five minutes that he gets from putting his postcards in order of excitement, and write a web play or a short story on the unknown risks of collecting boring postcards.

The ideas that I have had are listed below and if you want to use the ideas all well and good just let me see the results and present it here for all to see!

1. The intense rivalry between two collectors going for the mythical "most boring postcard in the world" and the dirty tricks that they try on each other.

2. The almost improbable hazards of collecting boring postcards, how it could cost you your job sanity, marriage ?

3. How collecting boring postcards ruined a writer's chance of wining the Booker prize

4. The problems in getting a book published on boring postcards. With the problem in also writing the introduction and chapters.

5. A dialogue between James Follett and Andrew Sachs on the postcards that got away! perhaps this is a phone conversation that takes place with them on opposite sides of the world.

Author James Follett comments

"All these snide comments from Dave Williams sprinkled across this website like cow pats in a meadow about my collection of boring postcards stem from the fact that he has seen it and is consumed with unseemly jealousy. In fact I've not been able to add to the collection for two years because boring postcards are so damn difficult to come by. The last one was a magnificent colour picture of a row of beach huts near Bournemouth in the UK

Any reader coming across a boring postcard is urged to send it to me at:


James Follett Marjacq Scripts Ltd

34 Devonshire Place


W1N 1PE"


James Follett 11.06.2000


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