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The Light of a Thousand Suns

1st Broadcast 6th July 1974 BBC Radio 4

light of a thousand suns

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"Every six hours Cerberus receives a coded radio signal via one of the Cassandra satellites ordering her not to retaliate" And no signal? The balloon Goes up:

Graphics by John Storey



James Follett



Margaret Etall


A chain of coincidences- and a British nuclear submarine of the 1990s prepares to launch an all-out attack, devastating, unpreventable, unless.....


What might happen if a completely secure defence system goes wrong....


Capt Harrison Manning Wilson
Floyd Michael Shannon
Lieut Sinclair John Rye
Leading Technician Stride Ian Thompson
Lieut Aitkin Sion probert
Lieut Fisher John Bull
Master-At-Arms Nigel Graham
First Rating Hugh Ross
Second Rating Roger Gartland
Prime Minster Conrad Phillips
Louise Arnott Sheila Mitchell
Theodore Pike Vernon Joyner
Wallis James Hayes
Computer Operator Carole Boyd

James Follett Comments

None so far.


Running Time

88 Minutes


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