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1st Publication date 31st January 1990 United Kingdom Methuen.

Hardback Publication date 31st January 1990 Methuen ISBN 0-4136-2860-4 404pp 234 x 153mm

Paperback Publication date 1991 Mandarin ISBN 0-7493-0492-8 496pp 178 x 111mm

Cover design Button Design Co.

Cover illustration by Nick Farmer

Not currently available reprint pending as of 31.05.2000

From book cover

22 000 miles above the earth a satellite somersaults along its orbit, out of control. Investigation by a space shuttle reveals the awesome truth -- a hole has been punched through the bus-size satellite by a beam weapon of awesome power and unheard of accuracy. Who has developed this new weapon? And why?


A hole is blown in the side of a satellite orbiting the Earth. The National Security Agency is charged with discovering who was responsible for the attack.


22 000 mile high, a satellite is orbiting the Earth. Suddenly a massive hole is blasted in its side. This is a thriller involving East-West relations and the threat of a breakdown in the balance between superpowers.


22 000 miles high, a satellite somersaults out of control. For Harry Dysan, maverick director of the National Security Agency, the news is very bad indeed. The satellite flaunts a hole punched by a weapon that makes all others obsolete. With devastating precision, the Torus beam can focus and project the energy of an atom bomb into outer space. Determined to unlock the secrets of the ultimate space weapon, Dysan finds one person who can trace its source. But Lesa Wessex, a brilliant data scanner and refugee from Vietnam, has her own reasons for helping him. And as their joint hunt for the Torus leads them to a remote island in the Pacific, it becomes clear that the satellite was merely target practice ...

A hole is blown in the side of a satellite orbiting the earth. The National Security Agency is charged with discovering who was responsible for the attack. James Follet's other books include "Cage of Eagles", "Mirage", "Swift" and "Dominator".


Customer Reviews

Surprisingly good
I read it and couldnt put it down until I had finished with it. It deals with highly scientific knowledge yet at a level that even I can understand, although the book is set in the mid nineties and deals with the soviet union the book was written before its collapse, the author also introduces us to high technology which is not widely available yet but introdces us to this at a very comfortable level, the characters are ones you can really get to learn, and to empathise with , and although at first it may seem a US Vs USSR book it goes further, and deals with emotions in you . In short a brilliant and easy to read, yet gripping book. I loved it.

Dave's comment 

This is a techno thriller of the near future about a particle weapon. Which could happen, (Well this is fiction so why not ), again the nice use of local scenes is also in the book. I also want the house on the Hog's Back,

(The view from this high point on a clear day is wonderful )

Author James Follett comments

" Research for Torus took me to Hong Kong. On a visit to one of the closed camps for Vietnamese boat people, I met a teenage girl who told me such a harrowing,

remarkable story of how she was raped and her family massacred by pirates, that I just had to incorporate it in the story. " James Follett




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