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1st Publication date 24th November 2000

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Hardback  1st Publication date 24th November 2000 Severn House Publishers ISBN 072785626x 320 pages

Paperback 1st Publication date 2003

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This is a science-fiction thriller based in a West Sussex village, which becomes cut off from the rest of the world after a UFO incident. A local dignitary takes advantage of an obscure Act of Parliament to seize power and impose his rule on the local population. The community descends into moral anarchy and a civil war breaks out - culminating in the trial of one villager for witchcraft. The book will be approximately 190 000 words in length

Dave's comment 

Wicca, which is old English for wichcraft...

Author James Follett comments

Nothing yet


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Note that this book is part of a trilogy the books in order are

Temple of the Winds


The Silent Vulcan


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