David Williams


Dave Williams in 2000

David Williams


Dave Williams lives in Hampshire in the UK, married with two children, one black & white cat called Texas. David's interests range from : Computers, writing web sites (currently 8). Buggying with very large Traction kites, Writing Music  660+ tunes & 22 CD albums.


Writing just for the fun of it, currently 4 books, 3 and half  "web plays" and half a screenplay.

The first book is on the periodic Table and the new technique's required to find the new elements it also has every element described in it and some of the uses that elements are put to, the book runs to about 330 pages.

The half book is on odd things that have taken my fancy and it currently runs to 250 pages and it's presented as a series of articles. Reading Books ( fiction and nonfiction ) e.g. Isaac Asimov,  Richard Dawkins, Stephen Baxter, Charles Darwin, Stephen.J.Gould,  James Follett, Peter F. Hamilton , Colin Forbes amongst many others.




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