Graham Gauld


Graham was the producer for the following Radio plays by James Follett for BBC Radio 4


Jumbo 1st Broadcast 13th March 1976


Total Number Of Plays 1




Born 11th April, 1929, Coventry.

Educated -
1939 - 1941 University College School, Junior Branch, Hampstead
1941 - 1945 The Manchester Grammar School
1945 - 1947 University College School, senior School, Hampstead

1947 - 1949 National Service. After eight months' training in England, posted to Egypt and based at Moascar on the Suez Canal in the offices of the static Bakeries for the whole of the Middle East Land forces, rising to the rank of sergeant.

1950 - 1952 The Royal Academy of dramatic Art. Graduated with the RADA Diploma for special merit and the London University Diploma in dramatic Art.

October 1952 Joined the staff of the BBC Midland Region in Birmingham as the Junior studio manager on "The Archers" doing the 'spot' effects and later, the gramophone effects. At this time, a couple of years after it had been launched on at the The Light Programme that serial had an audience of 15 million each evening.

June1953 Seconded to the Midland Region Children's hour as an assistant.

October 1953 Appointed Children's hour assistant, Midland Region. During my seven years in that post I appeared on the air several times a week, introducing and compering programmes, produced single place and serial players, features, stories and musicals.

April 1960 Appointed as a producer in the London Children's hour, based at Broadcasting House. There I produced much the same kind of material and appeared on the air several times a week. However, I concentrated more on producing plays. I was in that department until Children's hour closed in April 1964. During that time I was asked to appear on the Light Programme as one of four regular presenters (the other three being Jimmy Young, Edmundo Ross and Peter West) of a record show for younger listeners called PLAYTIME. This ran for about a couple of years from 1961 - 1963. As this programme overlapped a little in air time with Children's hour, one day I was the only voice on the BBC Light Programme and the Home Service as I had a recorded show on Children's hour at the same time.

After the end of Children's hour I was appointed as a producer in radio drama. Although I produced and directed mainly single and serial plays during my quarter-century in radio drama I also produced stories, features and a four year long weekly programme for children as well as running the Drama Students' competition named the Carleton Hobbs Award

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