Kay Patrick


Kay was the producer for the following Radio plays by James Follett for BBC Radio 4

The Rabid Summer 1st Broadcast August 1976


Total Number Of Plays 1



Kay Patrick trained as an actor at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, and acted in such famous television series as Doctor Who (with William Hartnell), Z Cars, Crossroads, and many others.

"I acted in repertory all over England. I then started to read scripts for TV and radio, and started directing for BBC Radio's 3 and 4, which is where I met William Smethurst.

I trained on the BBC TV directors course and directed for EastEnders in its very early days. I then continued to direct in theatre, radio and television over the years.

"My episodes included the opening of Jupiter Moon, although Clive Fleury recorded first. It was thought that the actors would have settled a little bit more after the first week and would be stronger as a result.

As I recall, we had a three week turn around for three episodes, which then seemed very fast,

but compared to the rate I'm working now on a series for Granada called Springhill it seems almost leisurely."

Kay is currently working for Granada Television in Manchester, where she is involved in many programmes including Coronation Street.


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