Margaret Etall


Margaret was the producer for the following Radio plays by James Follett for BBC Radio 4


The Light Of A Thousand Suns 1st Broadcast 6th July 1974

Rules Of Asylum 1st Broadcast 10th November 1973

The U Boat That Lost It's Nerve 1st Broadcast 22nd February 1975

Vendetta For A Judge 1st Broadcast 20th January 1979

Speculator Sport 1st Broadcast 18th December 1974

The Last Riot 1st Broadcast 31st December 1975

The Twisted Image 1st Broadcast 21st April 1977

A Touch Of Slander 1st Broadcast 19th November 1977

Softly Steal The Hours Till Dawn 1st Broadcast 14th December 1979

Total Number Of Plays 9



This will appear here when I get the information David Williams


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