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The Spanish Package

1st Broadcast 4th June 1977 BBC Radio 4
2nd Broadcast 6th June 1977 BBC Radio 4


James Follett


David H Godfrey


Directed by

David H Godfrey


Peter and Jane have retired to Spain. Each year they look forward to a visit from their daughter, Clare.

She was unable to come last year, but this year when they go to meet her at Alicante Airport....



Jane Irene Sutcliffe
Peter Michael Harbour
Alan Gavin Campbell
Gillian Jane Knowles
Sarah Jane Knowles
Customs Officer Michael Tudor Barnes
Det-Sgt Reece Michael Tudor Barnes
Third Tourist Michael Tudor Barnes
Whitton Michael Goldie
Mrs. Read Shirley Dixon
Receptionist Shirley Dixon
DR Ryan Peter Howell
Marsh James Thomason
Maurice Jonathan Scott
Ossie Walter Hall
Mechanic Paul Meier
First Tourist Paul Meier
Ruffian Paul Meier
Det Insp. Boyd Bruce Beeby
Angela Nicolette Mckenzie
Second Tourist Nicolette Mckenzie
Loud Speaker Voice Nicolette Mckenzie
Miss Grey Joan Matheson

James Follett Comments

None so far.


Running Time

88 Minutes


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