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This page will have all the items that I have done that have some thing to do

with no other easy place to put them other than in this odds section in one way or the other.


These books are Licensed: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0



Cosmic Censor

This was a result of a bet to see how many words you could type in 2 hours and for it to be a single stream of what ever came into your head as you wrote it.

The final result is I won the bet, not sure what I was thinking about, I don't remember half of what is in this.



Golden Time Version 2

This was a short item that I wrote about the end of summer and the start of autumn its not very long some 6 pages



Odd Story Bits

This really should not be here but its here so if you want to have a look do so. Its just odd story ideas that I put down and have never

got or done anything else with them so far, perhaps one day I will who knows.



The Moment that Changed My Life story

This was written for a website, but I never got round to uploading it.




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