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It goes without saying that this project (Citrus) was written for my fun,

if you find the project of any use, please check that I have got my facts right,

that I have written the project in my English.


This page is all about a small project I did just for myself on citrus fruit.

I got to thinking one day, wondered to myself if apart from Lemons and Oranges, if there where any other citrus fruits that people ate. As I am based in England the weather does not generally allow the growing of Citrus fruit, so the only Citrus fruit I knew about was your Lemon, Limes and Oranges.

So I had a bit of a learning curve.


Now when I started this project it was just a book (which has so far got to edition ten),

but things have moved on (well at least for me) so the idea now is to have the project with 2 Aims or targets to it.


Project Aim 1

Is to produce a Citrus web site.


Project Aim 2

Is to produce a book based on the Citrus Project aim number 1


So for Project Aim 1 is easy to start with, all I have to do is create a website on all the Citrus fruits that I know about or have found out about.

For Project aim 2 all I have to do is convert aim 1 website into book format.



Citrus Website yet to be done

Citrus Website Book yet to be done


Below is a link to my book store & Edition Eight of the Citrus book




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