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David Williams : Train & Terrian


This page is all about a small project I did just for myself on a train journey from Woking to its line end

What you have below are the results. This book is Licensed: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0


As per usual the book went form one version to another,

finally at version 3 see note at the end.



Train & Terrian Version 3

A html file


Train & Terrian Version 3a




Version 3 is still not completed, the project has stalled at this time so what you see here is just the raw file.

There is no version one, as I deleted it by mistake!


As of 21.07.2005 I still can't get this project moving, why I don't know, I have all the information

but for some unkown reason not the energy to want to complete it.


If you have anything you want to say about this page then email me.

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